Workers Compensation Lawyer Lawrence KS

Your injury shouldn't cancel out years of hard work

Don't let your employer add insult to injury when you get hurt on the job. Jeffrey W. Jones will fight to help get your rightfully earned wages back to you.

If you sustained an injury at work and haven't received your owed wages, we'll fight to get you the pay that you deserve.

Jeffrey W. Jones will work as the liaison for you and your employer to get you a fair settlement. We work closely with you to learn your personal case and work diligently to get you the payment that reflects the severity of your case and damages.

Work Injury Lawyers Lawrence KS

Was your accident at work someone else’s fault?

If you were injured because of a co-worker’s negligence on the job, but aren’t collecting worker's compensation because you were told that you didn’t qualify, contact Jeffrey W. Jones to learn about your rights.
People that are injured on the job by another’s mistake still qualify for workers compensation through negligence. 

Experience to back you up

With 25 years of law experience specializing in worker's compensation, you can trust Jeffrey W. Jones to know the steps you should take to get your claim handled fairly.

Workers compensation injury Attorneys Topeka, KS

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